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07:26am 02/08/2006
mood: tired as hell
so... tired.


01:03am 07/05/2006
  I really, really like the movie Happiness. I think most of you (if not all of you) should see it. Todd Solondz is wonderful.
Thank you for Smoking was very good as well. Very funny.
Say Anything was quite good for a romantic comedy type. I can understand why they talk about it in Sex, Drugs and Cocoapuffs and Chuck Klosterman blames Lloyd Dobbler for every males' troubles with women. Every woman in the world is in love with Lloyd Dobbler. I can see why.

I watched lots of movies today. That's about it.
04:40pm 20/03/2006

This movie will be hella sweet.
"Watch carefully, kids. This is how you commit a felony."   
10:06pm 07/03/2006
mood: my feet are in pain
I have to agree with Jordan when he says "It feels more like I'm working in a mental institution every day."

My room is so cold. I should go turn up the heat.

Black Mountain is the shit. They are so awesome and I love them.
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09:42pm 20/02/2006
  Merry Kurtmas to all!  
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10:45pm 04/02/2006
mood: pleased
24 Hour Party People is quite possibly one of my favourite movies. I aspire to make a film like it, as it combines everything I stand for. It's awesome.

Here is my list of movies everyone should see (it's only the beginning, but you know...)
-24 hour Party People
-Pulp Fiction
-The Royal Tenenbaums
-The life Aquatic
-Hedwig and the Angry Inch
-Rocky Horror Picture Show
-A Clockwork Orange
-Welcome to the Dollhouse
-Match Point (seriously, it worked very, VERY well)
-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Etc. Etc. Etc. There are many more, but I can't think of them au moment.
12:54am 29/01/2006
  It is official: James Blunt is extremely boring.
I do not like him.
The end.
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Shoplifters of the world- unite and take over.   
12:04am 26/01/2006
mood: tired
I've got my Metric ticket and I am very happy about that.

My alarm clock is the scariest part of my life. It's so loud. A while ago, I set it on buzzer and it was terrifying to wake up to, so last night I set it on radio instead. This morning, I woke up to crazy french people yelling about mid-tempo jazz, because that's the only radio station that my alarm clock radio picks up.

Jesus, I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
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12:44am 21/01/2006
  Happy Birthday Gee Gee Ramona. I hope it's swell and we should celebrate soon! You deserve a computer heart <3

That's all for now.
Cont./changed from Condor... I don't even know what this is   
06:30pm 16/01/2006
  H- Hellcat
I- Interscope
J- Jive
K- Kill Rock Stars
L-...it's probably really obvious, but I can't think of anything at the moment.
I'm going to get a ridiculous amount of sleep tonight.   
10:08pm 12/01/2006
mood: calm
I actually really want to see that Hostel movie. It sounds pretty sweet.

I wish I had an extra day for my summative, just so I could completely change the subject from movie trailers to Paris Hilton. That would have been so much easier. Plus, I could have impressed my class mates with my "Paris Hilton in House of Wax" impression.

Steph and I are going to see Grandma's Boy tomorrow after she's done working, which should be pretty swell. I have not seen her in a while, plus I haven't had a Friday night off for as long as I can remember. Seriously, I'm very, VERY excited to either go home or go out on a Friday evening.

Saturday, I believe Matt and I are going to a metal show at the DisHouse, quite possibly my favourite house ever, even though I've only been there once. A good time was had by all.

If anyone is interested in a copy of the newest issue of Bitchspork, the zine Sarah, Jordana and I put out, let me know. We've been trying to pimp it for the past week or two, but it has been quite unsuccessful.

The end (for now).
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I also had a dream where we were all Lego people.   
10:53am 30/12/2005
mood: awake
Here is one part of my dream last night I really enjoyed.

Our drama class was going on some kind of trip and Mr. Lawson was the supervisor. I was sitting in the back of this van with him and a couple of other students, biting my thumb nail, and he turns to me and says "Kelly, what are you thinking about right now?" I said "Uh, I don't know." So he says (and this is the best part):
"You can bring a bottle of wine on the trip, then we're going to tattoo a dozen pelicans on your back with gold velvet."
I just said "Okay." He was very excited to do this. I don't know, I just thought it was really weird. I have to write a script report before the end of the break, then finish my media studies and english summatives. Gah, so much work, so little effort I'm willing to put into such things...
10:11pm 21/12/2005
  OKay, since when is Sebastian (an old co-worker/friend of mine) in Islands? With the ex-members of the Unicorns?! WHO TOURED WITh BECK?! Oh god, this is exciting. I think I might just have a heart attack.  
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09:57pm 29/11/2005
mood: Monkeeeees
I just watched a terrible made for TV movie about the Monkees. I used to love the Monkees. I used to think that the only song they wrote was that "Hey, hey, we're the Monkees" song because I kept putting it on repeat. Either way, the Monkees are awesome, but this movie kind of sucked. It featured some guy who looked like the guy playing Davey Jones playing Jack Nicholson.

Gah, french rock sucks. Well, the stuff they play on Musiqueplus does. Seriously, why?! WHY?!

Oh! X Files! Must go.
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New Mix CD   
07:46pm 28/11/2005
mood: pimpin' to the maximum
Here's a list of songs for the mix cd I randomly decided to make. Actually, it wasn't SO random, I had it semi-planned out for a while but couldn't burn it until now, as my cd burner was broken. Anyway, here are the tracks:

99 Problems (Jay-Z/Beatles, an awesome mix)- DJ Danger Mouse
Papa was a rolling stone- The Temptations
Where it's at- Beck
Horses- Patti Smith
Blood on our hands- Death from above 1979
Venus in Furs- Velvet Underground
Love Fool- The Cardigans
Total Hate- No Doubt + Sublime
Cinnamon Girl- Neil Young
Perfect Day- Lou Reed
Lets spend the night together- Rolling Stones
Burn the Witch- Queens of the Stone Age
Free Money- Patti Smith
Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen
Ask- The Smiths
Love will tear us apart- Joy Division

That's all. I hope I don't lose this CD.
10:58pm 21/11/2005
  Three cheers for Patrick!

My cousin Patrick's band's single was used in a Bay commercial. I'm so proud! I just saw it and had no idea until about 2 minutes ago. They are finally getting some recognition- too bad they broke up (or at least I'm pretty sure they did). Anyway, good news for them!
My amazing discovery of the night.   
01:53am 05/11/2005
mood: accomplished
I went to sleep at about 1:20, only to wake up about 10 minutes ago. During those 20 minutes, I had the most intense dreams. I was slipping out of one and into another every few minutes. Some were lucid, some were not at all and most I was convinced I had woken up because eveything was so real. I "woke up" at least 5 times. During the last dream, I was covinced I was fully awake. Exhausted from my collage of dreams, I checked my clock to see what time it was. When I looked over at the clock, there were no digits. I tried to turn on the lamp next to my bed, only to find that it was not working. I've been meaning to try out both of these things while lucid dreaming but can never remember. Now, I know for sure that those ideas presented in the Waking Life about these two specific things are true. It makes me excited.
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08:57pm 19/10/2005
mood: excited
I love band practise. We jam for a while, then eat pizza and play video games. Chelsea compared it to a sixth grade birthday party and I agree. It's pretty sweet, sweet like candy. Um, okay, I'll stop that now.

The day was long and boring. More long than boring. Rainy. We were all soaked after walking down the street to Mac's. Later, we came to my house, jammed, ate some delicious cheese and mushroom pizza, played video games, then jammed some more. I'm so very excited for friday. The lovely Jordana will be dancing for us and possibly playing the tambourine. She does the Elaine dance and drives animals wild.

Oh man, this band the Mummies are crazy cool. Check them out, why dontcha? They have a myspace if that's what you're into: www.myspace.com/themummies. Dey iz 2 kool 4 skul. I hope they still tour.

Done for now, fiends!
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10:26pm 04/10/2005
  Happy Birthday Steph. Hope it's a good one.

R.I.P Janis Joplin. I hope Southern Comfort tastes as good (if not better) on the other side.

I ate a delicious peanut-butter and Nutella sandwich. It was incredible, even though I feel a bit sick now. Speaking of Nutella, I found a loaf of bread that Sarah, Chelsea, Alex and I bought for our adventure on Petrie Island. This was in July or August and I found it last week in a bag in my room. It was blue and green and was hard like a rock. It was funny, but then I realized that I have been living with this... LOAF for a month or two. It may explain those weird flies...

We're finishing up our zine tomorrow, which will be sent over to Europe after we're done. I've taken up playing the keyboard again. This will help start up our apple-core band.

OKAY! That's all for now.
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11:18am 01/10/2005
mood: okay
I had a dream where I just woke up and my mother told me there were two kids at my door step that wanted to sue me for 2 million dollars. So, I went outside and said "So, I hear you kids want to sue me for 2 million bucks." They said "Yeah, or just a video game." I asked them why they were sueing me (I assumed it was because I saw them in this weird, Halloween-themed strip club that was actualy creepy as hell), and they didn't tell me but kept talking about their friend and media studies class. I figured they didn't have a chance and went back to bed. I mean, these kids were 12 or something, what did they know about legal matters?

Last night we did inventory at work, so I basically worked from 4:45 til 10:30, which is weird for a week night.